Whether you use a bicycle to commute to work, cruise to the coffee shop, explore the rail-trails with your family, or elevate your heart rate with a two-wheeled workout, your bike’s performance is important. Lititz Bicycle Workshop understands and offers the following services to keep everyone happily rolling:


  • Tune-up–Bolts tightened, brakes and derailleurs adjusted, wheels trued, bearings tuned, drivetrain lubed. It’s like a spa day for your bike.
  • Overhaul–We take it apart, clean it, tune it, lube it and reassemble it. You rediscover and enjoy it.

A la Carte

  • Derailleur/shifting adjustment
  • Brake adjustment
  • Wheel truingĀ 
  • Bearing adjustment/replacement

And Also…

  • Custom Wheel Building–A specialty of ours at the Workshop! We’ll help you pick the hubs, rims, and lacing options to best suit your riding needs
  • Noise Cancellation–Creaks, squeaks, rattles, and jangles are found, fixed, and forgotten.
  • The Big Box Remedy (BBR)–Purchasing a bike at the local “big box” store can be an inexpensive way to get started on two wheels. However, often times these bikes are not assembled with the care they require and can even be unsafe to ride. Our BBR service starts with an inspection of your new bike where we’ll show you what needs to be corrected. Whether it requires a lot of extra love or just a little, you’ll roll out with a road-worthy machine and peace of mind.